Video – The HULK Commercial Carpet Cleaning System

The Hulk Commercial Carpet Cleaning System

The Hulk Power Encapsulation machine is the premier Encapsulation machine, but also well suited for cleaning virtually every type of floor surface. The Hulk boasts the fastest cleaning on the market. It’s large size and weight get the job done better and quicker than any of the smaller machines available. With variable speeds from 1725 oscillations per minute up to 3700, this machine features “Soil Eraser Technology” to scrub dirt and stains from the dirtiest carpets and give spectacular results while being budget friendly and time sensitive .

Need to walk on the carpet fast?
Our one hour drying time means you can walk on your carpets shortly after cleaning. This means no downtime for hotel rooms, conference centers, guest hallways and lobby areas.

Call today to learn why Winnipeg’s largest hotel chains choose us to super clean their carpets!

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