Carpet & Rug Institute Indoor Air Quality Video

Carpet & Rug Institute Indoor Air Quality Video

Take a few minutes to learn about how dirty carpets and flooring can affect the quality of the air in your commercial building or home.  Poor indoor air quality is a leading cause of lost time in the office and can contribute to asthma, emphysema, skin problems, auto-immune disorders, allergies, and other long term health problems.

DANGER!! : The other problem is that MOST CARPET CLEANING CHEMICALS ARE ALSO TOXIC!  Hiring a local company to clean your carpets without using green cleaners can actually compound the problem.

There is only one solution, hire a professional carpet, rug & upholstery cleaning company like Ultra-Clean that uses 100% Green cleaning products.   It’s also important to have your ducts cleaned at least once every 12-24 months.

Questions about making the right choice for your health?

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