Green Seal Certified

The products that we use here at Ultra-Clean are Green Seal Certified whenever possible. It is our goal to reduce our impact on the planet in every way possible.

Green Seal Mission

Green Seal is a non-profit organization that uses science-based programs to empower consumers, purchasers and companies to create a more sustainable world.

Green Seal Vision

A Green Economy. One that is as sustainable as possible – renewable, with minimal impact – so that our environment, all forms of life, and our natural resources are protected, and our social needs and values are honored.

Green Seal History

Green Seal is a pioneer in promoting a sustainable economy. In 1989 there were no environmental certification programs in the US. During this year, our founders had the foresight to recognize the need for a tool to help shoppers find truly green products. They developed the Green Seal as a non-profit to stand for absolute integrity. Over the years the reputation of the Green Seal brand has grown to symbolize environmental leadership, and it continues to represent proven-green products and services.

You can learn more by visiting the Green Seal Website at .

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